Urban Frontier LLC

The Houses. The Place.

The Web Site and The Neighborhood

The tabs below present the properties owned by Urban Frontier LLC and its affiliates. If you click on the tabs, individual addresses appear, including descriptions and brief slideshows. Most slides are as completed, with some before pictures included for contrast. For duplexes, the first tab is of the exterior, and the next two of individual units. Almost all properties are a short walk from Central High on quiet streets.

We love the neighborhood. It is not finished yet, and probably never will be. Had we not taken the plunge, many of our homes would now be vacant lots, or, at best, among the worst of Little Rock’s many bad “rent houses”. Because we chose here, surrounding homes have been loved back to life by others. Millions have been invested here by us, and directly or indirectly, because of us. People who prefer homogeneous, gated suburbs might find this area too raw for their tastes. For others, it’s just fine, and a great place to live. Those self-selecting tenants who also choose here, tend to stay till they buy a house, leave Little Rock or have life circumstances change. Vacancies are rare and short.

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